Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, also commonly known as SEO, is the process of optimising the structure and content of your web site to ensure that the pages rank well for relevant search terms in the natural or "organic" search results. Because this is what brings you "free" traffic it's probably the single most important element of an effective internet presence.

There is little point in having a great website if it is not visible to your customers or potential customers, and SEO helps put your website centre stage. Proper optimisation of your website can pay dividends in the long term as it reduces reliance on increasingly expensive paid search advertising to deliver traffic, yielding a higher number of site visitors at a lower cost per click, and dramatically improving your return on investment.

DVisions has been in the business of search engine optimisation since before the arrival of Google and PageRank, and our continuing impressive results clearly demonstrate that our approach and methodology deliver real long term value to our clients.

So why DO you need search engine optimisation?

Consider these statistics:

• 85% of web traffic is driven by the search engines
• 55% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of search results
• 85% don’t go beyond page 3
• 52% don’t go back from the first site they find
• 70% of Google users state they prefer to choose natural listing over paid search results

You don't have to be a genius to work out that gaining a good position in natural search results is going to be important if your web site is going to succeed in meeeting your objectives online!

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Our approach to search engine optimisation

Our search engine optimisation programmes are tailored specifically to your needs, and as such there is no completely standard package. However, this is a basic guide to the underlying methodology of the majority of SEO projects carried out by us.

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So why use a professional search engine optimisation consultancy like DVisions?

Mainly because the search engine environment is highly dynamic, and all the major engines are constantly fighting a battle to improve the relevance of their search results to improve the experience of their users.

Each time the search engines update their technology or indexing algorithms, site rankings change as web sites dance to the new tune. We follow those changes, monitoring our client's rankings and traffic, adapting and adjusting to optimise ranking performance.

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DVisions commitment to ethical search engine optimisation practices

We are fully committed to adhering to the best practices of search engine optimisation. We do not employ shady 'black hat' techniques which will bring both ourselves and our clients into disrepute, but focus upon best practice, adhering to the guidelines set by the search engines.

Time has shown that our ethical SEO methodology provides excellent long term results, and is less affected by the efforts of the major search engines to combat "web spam".

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