Camping and Caravan Site Finder

Camping and Caravan Site FinderCamping and caravan site finder is a directory of camp and caravan sites in the UK. The site is built in Joomla, and the directory is powered by the SOBI2 directory component.

As well as a directory, the site also features Affiliate and Advertising management, and phase two of the site build includes eCommerce and classified advertising components.

The SOBI2 directory provides the facilities for site visitors to add, rate and review directory listings. Listings on the Camping and Caravan Site Finder site are currently free, although the SOBI2 system does allow the creation of paid listings, and allows custom information fields to be included in a "premium" listing structure; e.g. basic listing free, but the addition of web addresses etc to be paid for. There are also add-in components for handling "Featured Listings" where listing owners can pay extra for inclusion in featured listings displayed across the site.