Understanding your PPC report

Our PPC report is customised to reflect the data available to us. Where we have access to Analytics and conversion data this will be included. As a minimum your PPC reports include details of PPC ad impressions, clicks and costs.

Where we have access to visitor data (web stats, sales, and registrations etc) the report will also show traffic figures, proportion of PPC traffic, cost per visitor stats, cost per action, sales data and ROI figures.

Section: 'Year' 

This shows overall traffic and key performance indicators, such as bounce rate.

Section: Google Search Console / WMT 

This shows Google's statistics relating to your site's appearance in their search results.

Section: PPC Advertising Stats

Shows the performance of your advertising by network

Section: PPC Summary

Shows overall PPC performance, consolidating results of different networks

Section: Visitor Split

Shows split of traffic from paid (PPC) and unpaid (organic) sources

Section: Summary of Cost and Return

Shows 'value' of customer interaction with site, together with costs and Return on Investment (ROI) where we have the relevant information.

FAQs / Terminology

Custom Reporting

Where required we can create sophisticated reporting models to suit your specific requirements. Please ask us for details.