Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) projects

Although we do have some standard SEO services, generally our programmes of search engine optimisation work are tailored specifically to your needs, and as such there is no completely standard approach. However, this is a basic guide as to the methodology of the majority of SEO projects carried out by us.

Generally we break the project down into two broad phases:

Phase 1 SEO – Initial Site and Page Optimisation

It is important to remember that search engines index and present results at page, rather than site, level, so the overall objective is ensure that all pages within specific sections of the site are indexed by the search engines, and reflect the actual search terms that individuals use to find information.

Therefore our starting point for an SEO project is to conduct a keyword analysis of all the primary and variant key terms used by searchers relating to the information and services available through the site. This is an important step because people do not always search using the generalised terms that might be expected, but often search in very specific ways relating to their particular query. This allows us to identify “topical patterns” in the way searchers behave, as well as generating a list of the wider range of search terms applicable to the site.

This gives us the data to perform two important tasks. The first is to conduct a detailed benchmark visibility check on how the site is actually performing against the broad range of identified key terms. The second is to map these key terms against the existing site structure and page content and look for any discrepancies.

Using this data we are able to examine the site in depth to identify any apparent weaknesses in the way the site is linked or structured that might be inhibiting performance in the search engines.

We then review the content of key pages of the site to ensure that individual pages are created in the optimal way, and that keywords are being used in an appropriate manner in the key elements and page copy.

The findings of these various pieces of analysis are used to create a prioritised plan of actions that need be taken to improve search performance, either correction of specific issues, or best practices that might be introduced to ensure future and continued improvement in search engine results as the site content evolves.

This initial review and action plan forms the Primary Optimisation, and this provides a platform upon which any ongoing SEO activity can be based to further to improve the ranking of the site over time through a maintenance programme.

SEO Phase 2 – Visibility Maintenance and Reporting

The purpose of a search engine optimisation maintenance regime is to build upon the initial optimisation. Whilst we would expect the initial optimisation to deliver good search engine positioning once any recommendations have been implemented and the site re-indexed, a regular visibility maintenance regime will allow further improvements to be made through the regular monitoring of results and minor adjustments.

Depending upon your requirements, whilst retained under an SEO maintenance contract we may:

• Conduct visibility assessments covering an agreed list of search terms
• Make recommendations as to any further modifications based upon these results
• Carry out an ongoing programme of page optimisation of deeper pages not covered under the initial programme
• Carry out ad hoc competitor reporting
• Help you establish good link building strategies and carry out link building programmes
• Be available to advise on any search engine marketing related issues or queries

Our aim over the course of the project is to ensure the best possible presence and position in search results on a month-by-month basis.

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