Some frequently asked questions on our hosting services


Who provides your hosting?

We are proud to be Siteground resellers, and our web hosting is provided by them.

We have worked with Siteground for several years now, and they have consistently proved themselves to be simply one of the best hosting companies in the world, particularly for Joomla and Wordpress websites, something that has recently been acknowledged by being awarded the hosting contract for

Why Siteground?

Nearly all the sites we create for our customers are based on the Joomla CMS or Wordpress. Siteground are particularly well optimised for these two platforms, offering automatic system updates, unique additional security/anti-hack features, and ultra-high speed delivery.

As a reseller we provide a range of hosting packages, including hybrid Zoho mail and siteground web hosting packages - See our Hosting Rates for details 

Do we backup your website data?

Yes we do. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't as well - backups are completely YOUR responsibility; so you should take regular backups, particularly when making changes or updating your site. We install a manual backup component (Akeeba Backup) on all Joomla sites we build* to make it easy for you. It's also available as an option on Wordpress sites.

If needed, you can also also manually backup files and databases through your hosting cPanel.

All sites are backed up at least once a day by our hosting provider, and should you need it, can be restored for a small additional administrative fee, but it is highly recommended to not rely on this, but take your own site backups - your data is yours and it is ultimately your responsibility to keep it safe.

If we are not providing your hosting, ensure that your host has a suitable backup regime.

* Since 2015. If your site does not have Akeeba installed, ask us and we'll install it for you FOC.

If we build your website, must you use us for hosting?

It is very highly recommended that we provide you with hosting if we are developing a site for you. The Joomla CMS requires certain applications and services to be running on the server, and we know our servers have been correctly optimised for this.

Although many hosting companies run comparable software, we know from experience that there can be issues with different configurations and software versions. If you particularly wish to use your own choice of hosting company, then we will try and accomodate your request, but it will be dependent upon technical compatibility, and it may restrict our ability to support your site.

Depending upon the specification of your site, if you host with us your site will be hosted on servers managed by our hosting partners Siteground.

Alternative hosting companies that we know to be compatible and have sites hosted with:

UK / Europe

Siteground (highly recommended supplier if you wish to manage your own hosting)
Zen Internet (Linux - Silver Package and above)


Siteground (we highly recommend Siteground for hosting in the US/Canada)

In all cases where hosting is not on our own hosting service, we require direct cPanel access in order to install and manage the site.

Hosting companies where we know of configuration and/or security problems:

Namesco - we would not wish to host a site with Namesco due to security and PHP versioning problems (last checked 2013)
New Net - can be done, but requires special configuration (last checked 2011)
123-Reg - horribly slow server response / loading times (last checked 2015)

Do you need to transfer your domain names to your hosting service?

Ideally you should transfer to us the domain you wish to use for your site, but it is not obligatory. Transferring the domain allows us to better support you in the event of any technical issues relating to the site; and resolving problems with e-mail delivery and with the setup and configuration of your site and any other programs you might wish to run.

When you transfer the domain you do not transfer ownership of the domain, just the administrative and technical control. See How to transfer your domain. This article also covers how you should configure your web forwarding in the event that you do not wish to transfer control of the domain.

You can also transfer domains that you might use for domain mapping, but there is no real reason to do this unless you specifically want the domain mapped to your website (if you don't know what this means, you almost certainly don't need it!).  In most cases where you have additional domains (e.g. your site is on "" and you also own "" and "") web forwarding to the hosted domain is recommended, in which case it not necessary to transfer the other domains.

If you haven't yet purchased your domains, you can order your main domain at the same time you order the webspace from us - we are authorised Domainbox resellers. If you want to purchase multiple domains and forward them to your site then we can register them for you, and point them to your website.