DVisions commitment to ethical search engine optimisation practices

DVisions is fully committed to adhering to the best practices of search engine optimisation. We do not employ techniques which will bring both ourselves and our clients into disrepute, but focus upon best practice, adhering to the guidelines set by the search engines.

Some individuals and organisations still recommend and employ optimisation techniques which are intended to mislead, or "spam", the search engines.

The search engines continue to refine their algorithms to identify practices which are intended to distort the relevancy of their results, and although some of these spamming techniques may work in the short term, over time they are identified, and the offending sites either penalised or blacklisted.

Common spamming techniques can include:

• Use of hidden text
• Invisible graphics
• Keyword "stuffing"
• Mirror sites with duplicate content
• Cloaking
• Content switching
• Hidden content
• Link spamming

Such techniques may work in the short term, but the search engines continually adjust their algorithms to eliminate sites using these methods. The approach taken by DVisions is proven to work over time - because the SEO methods we use are "white hat", sites that we work on are less likely to suffer through algorithm changes, and should show consistently good rankings.

If you are concerned that your site might be employing or is affected by any of the dubious techniques listed above, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns - we are always happy to talk to you.