The wrong page is displayed

Assuming you have SEF URL's enabled, this is usually caused by an SEF URL conflict.

What causes the problem?

Joomla's 'raw' (internal) URLs are a long string of characters starting index.php?option=blah&view=blah&blah etc - in fact this URL is a query string that tells Joomla what content to return, together with any display options you've set. In Joomla, you can point menu items to different components, and assign templates and modules to different pages. The SEF page to return is dictated by the menu alias, and if you have menu links that have the same alias but point to different pages you can sometimes end up with the 'wrong' page being returned.

To correct this:

Core SEF

If you are using the Joomla core SEF function you need to identify the 'conflicting' menu links and change them.

  1. Go to the Menu Manager and display all menu items. Look for any items with the same Alias listed.
  2. Click on the incorrect item link (the one for the wrong page) to edit it.
  3. Change the Alias to something different. Use something relevant for the page, or simply add a number to the end, e.g. -1
  4. Save it. 


  • You might need to clear any caching before the change takes effect on the site
  • This will often 'fix' the same issue even if using one of the advanced module managers.


go to Components > sh404SEF > SEF URLs

Search for the SEF URL that's displaying incorrectly. If there's an orange box with a number showing in the "Duplicates" column for the URL, that's 99% likely to be why you aren't seeing the right page.

Click on the orange box to open the duplicates options pop-up. Look for the non-SEF URL that matches the component/page/itemid for the correct page. Click on the star icon in the Main column to select that version of the URL as your preferred option. 

If there is more than one duplicate, you might need to do a little bit of trial and error to check you've got the right one.


In JoomSEF, go to ARTIO JoomSEF > Manage SEF URLs

Use the filter to find the SEF URL that's incorrect. If there are duplicates, all will be listed, but the primary one will be the one showing Hits. 

To force a particular page to show for a duplicated page, click on the icon in the Active column - it should change to a green circular tick icon. This tells Artio to use this page for the URL. If you have multiple duplicates showing, and you are still getting the wrong page, disable any unwanted duplicates by clicking the green tick icon in the 'Enabled' column.