Should I update my Joomla installation when prompted

Should I update Joomla my version when prompted?

You're receiving notification emails from your website, or seeing notification messages in your Joomla website administration area that an update is available, should you update?

The simple answer is YES, but only if you are running a recent version, v3.xx or later. Updating is normally quite a straightforward process, without too many problems, but be aware that the further your current version is from the latest version, the more likely you are to encounter issues with the update, particularly if you have older versions of additional components installed.

ALWAYS TAKE A BACKUP BEFORE UPDATING! If the Akeeba Backup component is not installed on your site, ask us to install it for you. Also remember, if you update your installation yourself, you are responsible for any problems you might encounter following the update.

If your site is running versions 1.5.x or 2.5.x updating is not a straightforward process. Data and templates need migrating to the latest version, and you should talk to us about handling that for you.

If you are uncertain about whether, or how, to update your site, raise a ticket and we can do it for you for a small fee.