Setting up Email accounts on Windows Mail

A common cause of frustration when setting up new email accounts on Windows Mail is the failure of the automated process.

For that reason we normally recommend using the 'Advanced' method of account setup.

Step 1

Open Windows Mail, and click on the Settings icon on the bottom left panel:

Mail Step 1

Step 2

Select 'Manage Accounts' upper right

Mail Step 2

Step 3

Click +Add Account upper right

Mail Step 3

Step 4

Click Advanced Setup 

Mail Step 4

Step 5

Complete account details as shown below

Mail Step 5

Email address - obvious!

User name - full email address, including domain

Password - your email account password

Account name - the account name as you want it to appear in Windows Mail

Send your messages using this name - the name you want people to see as the sender

Incoming mail server: e.g.

Account type - IMAP4

Outgoing mail server -

Leave remaining four boxes ticked.

 Important: adding the :993 and :465 suffixes to the server names tells the server to use the secure SSL ports (in Outlook and some other mail applications they have separate settings, in which case they can be omitted) 

Step 6

 Click Sign In and you should be good to go!