Do we backup your website data?

Yes we do. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't as well - backups are completely YOUR responsibility; so you should take regular backups, particularly when making changes or updating your site. We install a manual backup component (Akeeba Backup) on all Joomla sites we build* to make it easy for you. It's also available as an option on Wordpress sites.

If needed, you can also also manually backup files and databases through your hosting cPanel.

All sites are backed up at least once a day by our hosting provider, and should you need it, can be restored for a small additional administrative fee, but it is highly recommended to not rely on this, but take your own site backups - your data is yours and it is ultimately your responsibility to keep it safe.

If we are not providing your hosting, ensure that your host has a suitable backup regime.

* Since 2015. If your site does not have Akeeba installed, ask us and we'll install it for you FOC.