Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

After  much beta testing, Microsoft has finally launched its latest version of Internet Explorer, version 8.

The launch of a new browser from Microsoft is normally a source of some despair from web developers everywhere (oh, no they cry, now THREE IE browser versions to "work around"). Well actually, in this case it's not so bad, as IE8 is probably the most standards compliant browser that Microsoft have produced, and sites that display correctly in rival browsers Firefox, Opera, and Safari seem to appear much the same in IE8. Perhaps it's a bit of self inditement that IE8 includes a "Compatibility mode" intended to correct some of the display errors that arise where sites have been designed to suit earlier, and less W3C standard compliant, versions.

Most general users won't notice much difference from IE7 - slightly more compact graphics and toolbars that take up less screen space, and a less minimalistic approach to the toolbars on display, but go in a little deeper and there's quite a few improvements with the inclusion of developer tools and other fatures that have been included in other browsers for some while.

Overall an improvement, and worth upgrading. But not perhaps enough of an improvement to lure deserters away from main rival Firefox, which according to our stats now holds around a 17% share of users. And certainly not enough to lure us back from our current favourites Opera and Firefox.

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New ecommerce website for Hampshire artist Nigel Ingram

Nigel Ingram PaintingsWe have just recently launched a new ecommerce web site for local Hampshire artist Nigel Ingram.

Nigel Ingram is an accomplished artist who has painted in Hampshire, West Sussex, and abroad for many years.

Besides working in pastels, oils, and pen and wash, Nigel has also completed a number of commissioned designs for stained glass windows.

The site is a showcase of some of his work. Although many of the original works have been sold, other original paintings are available to buy through the site. Also available for purchase are high quality gicleé prints, cards and postcards.

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New Websites for BCB Solutions

BCB Solutions - Setmaster DVisions has just launched two new websites for BCB Solutions, the manufacturer of the Setmaster range of print collators.

The sites have a common style, but are aimed at different markets. The first site to launch is the site which targets the UK market for Setmaster sales and service, and the second site on the .com domain focuses on the US market.

At launch the two sites share much common content, but as time passes are expected to diverge as they become more responsive to the demands of their respective target audiences.

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DVisions launches a new affordable web site design service

We have launched a new low-cost website development service aimed at smaller businesses that intend to grow!

The first of these web sites was launched this week:

Canada Chalet RentalsThe service is based on the same Joomla CMS that we currently use for our custom design sites, but instead of a custom design you can choose from a wide range of standard off-the-shelf professional templates customised to reflect your company identity.

For just £750 plus VAT you will get a complete Content Managed site, including:

  • Joomla 1.5 installed, with the template of your choice
  • Template customisation to reflect your company identity and style
  • Onsite training in how to use the system
  • 12 months hosting and technical support

As it is based on the award winning Joomla CMS, you site will be fully expandable as your business grows. There's no page limit, and should you later want to change the design this can be done by simply switching to a new template without the need to change your content. More about Joomla

A wide range of additional components, such as e-commerce store, gallery, newsletter and autoresponders, are also available at a modest extra cost.

And because its a standard non-proprietory system, you are not "locked in" to a huge annual fee - our annual hosting and technical support fee for the site (after year one) is currently just £180 plus VAT.

And if all this is not attractive enough, we are currently offering 12 month staged payments on all new orders - just £62.50 per month - pay the first month on order, with the balance paid by standing order over the following 11 months.

And of course should you need it, we can provide our full range of SEO and marketing services to help you get your site seen!

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Dare Accountancy launch new accountancy service aimed at small business and startups

Dare AccountancyDare Accountancy have just launched a new website to promote their new low-cost accountancy service aimed at established small and micro businesses, and startups.

Prospective clients can register online through the new site, and once Dare have the necessary information will send out the necessary software on a USB memory stick. At the end of each quarter clients simply return the flash drive and receive a new one, and Dare deal with all the red tape - company returns, VAT, PAYE all are dealt with with the minimum of fuss, leaving their clients free to get on with the important business of running their business!

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