New website for the Mortgage Explorer

The Mortgage ExplorerThe Mortgage Explorer is an independent mortgage broker providing a wide range of specialist tax-efficient home, commercial and overseas mortgages.

The Mortgage Explorer has been helping clients around the world to find their best mortgage deals for more than 10 years, and this is their third website. The new web site is based on the Joomla CMS, and incorporates a newsletter sign-up using Big Response, and social bookmarking modules.

A Wordpress blog has also been added, and the overall project includes full search engine optimisation (SEO) and a range of additional marketing activities.

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Google Caffeine ready to give SEOs heart palpitations

Google has announced that its latest update, Caffeine, is ready to go live, and will shortly start rolling out across its datacentres.

Caffeine is the first major update to Google since the Big Daddy update caused such chaos a few years ago. Caffeine is almost a complete rebuild of the Google indexing system, and is intended to improve speed; both speed of indexing and speed of delivery, and Google expects a considerable improvement in the "freshness" of results, particularly in the news sector, and this was born out in the results from the developers "sandbox" version that was opened for testing in August.

Google don't expect us to see too much change in search positions (but they said that about Big Daddy too!), but realistically we can expect to see quite a bit of fluctuation in results while Caffeine rolls out.

As always, Google is keeping things a bit quiet about what changes its made to the indexing algorithms, but results from the sandbox suggest that there is slightly more emphasis on keywords on the page, and also on the inclusion of thematically related terms, which is all good from the point of improving relevancy over popularity, but until we see results coming from Caffeine its will be difficult to assess.

Our advice is to keep your nerve and wait for the dust to settle over the next couple of months before starting to worry about changes to your positions.

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Dvisions launches new website for Bluerun Ltd

Bluerun Limited: Commercial and Domestic Purpose Made JoineryDVisions has launched a new website for Essex based joinery company Bluerun Ltd.

Bluerun has been manufacturing top quality, purpose made joinery for the domestic and commercial markets since 1972, at their 7,000 square foot factory outside Braintree. Bluerun manufactures in hard or softwoods, and veneered & painted panels, and have a modern spray paint and lacquer facility, enabling products to leave the factory in a fully finished state.

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New website for Raffles of Redhill launched

Raffles Redhill - Kitchen and Bathroom Design and InstallationDVisions has recently launched a new website for Raffles of Redhill. Raffles are a long established kitchen and bathroom design and installation company based in Redhill, Surrey. Raffles provides a full kitchen and bathroom design service, and can supply all leading brands. Raffles has its own team of installers and is renowned for its high quality and value for money service.

As well as the kitchen and bathroom design services, Raffles operate a wholesale plumbing division, and can provide a full range of plumbing supplies to both trade and retail customers from its showroom in the centre of Redhill.

A very simple "online brochure" style site, the aim of the new website is to increase awareness of Raffles and its core services in its local marketplace.

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European Law Monitor launches new EU Legal Training service

European Law Monitor TrainingEuropean Law Monitor has launched a new specialised EU legal training service, providing training to legal professionals, businesses and NGOs on all aspects of European Community law and policy.

European Law Monitor has recently been accredited as an external CPD provider with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and therefore Continuing Professional Development Hours or points may be claimed from The Solicitors Regulation Authority for their range of seminars and courses.

As part of the launch of the new training services, a new website has been launched specifically for the training side of the organisation's activities. The new design is very clean and simple so that potential clients aren't distracted from the content, and a design derived from this concept will shortly be rolled out for the main  European Law Monitor site.

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