We are now Official Microsoft Ads Partners!

MSA Partner Badge 2021We are delighted to announce that we are now official Microsoft Advertising Partners, to complement our Google Partner status.

We have long been advocates of Micosoft advertising. Although Microsoft have a smaller market share and reach, in our experience they quite often provide a better return on investment simply because they are overlooked by many advertisers. Performance is as good, and often better than Google Ads, with lower average cost per click and generally less competition.

If Microsoft Advertising isn't yet part of your advertising mix, contact us for more information! 


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Update for One Facility Services Website

Websites need more than a wash and brush up from time to time, and the One Facility Services website was no exception.

Built originally back in 2012 and based on Joomla 2.5 it had fallen behind technically, as well as starting to show its age visually.

So the site was migrated up to the latest Joomla version and the template was upgraded to be both fully responsive and mobile friendly, with the fonts and colour pallette updated to bring it in line with the parent company's branding without the need for major changes in design or site restructuring.

A perfect example of how an older site can be refreshed with the latest technology at minimal cost.



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Google to pass Digital Service Tax back to customers

2% Google advertising increase in UK from 1st November

Back in September Google announced that it would be avoiding its UK's Digital Services Tax (DST) liability by passing the costs directly back to advertisers from November 2020.

So from 1st November all ads served in the UK will attract an additional 2% "DST Fee". This will be automatically added to all Google billings from that date.

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Google is abusing its monopolistic power. So What?

The US Congress yesterday published its long awaited INVESTIGATION OF COMPETITION IN DIGITAL MARKETS report. The investigation was carried out by the Committee on the Judiciary, and examined the dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, and their business practices.

Unsurprisingly they concluded that these companies hold far too much power over the digital marketplace. The report is highly critical of the conduct of these companies, and their impact upon the digital marketplace and indeed upon democratic accountability. The following quote from the report introduction encapsulates the findings of the Committee very well:

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Google to Sponsor Joomla from 1st October 2020

Google has recently announced it is to sponsor the Joomla CMS from October 2020.

Multi-award winning Joomla has long been our most favoured CMS for websites. We had already adopted its predecessor Mambo before Joomla forked away, and long before the young upstart Wordpress appeared on the scene :-). That's not to say we dislike Wordpress, and indeed use it for many sites, but Joomla has a number of 'designed in' advantages that make it faster and more robust than Wordpress. Designed as a 'framework' as much as a CMS, with its own built-in ACL (Access Control Level) system, it is an ideal solution for bigger websites that need a better way of organising and managing content.

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