New Website for Elite Live In Care

Elite Live-In Care WebsiteWe have recently launched a new website for one of our neighbours, Elite Live In Care. Elite are a new company specialising in providing live-in carers for the elderly and disabled.

The new website is built in Wordpress with a custom design and theme utilising Elite's house colours.

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New look for Local Building Surveyors

Local Building Surveyors WebsiteWe recently completed a fresh redesign of the Local Building Surveyors website.

The new site features a clean and simple layout with a "straight-in" call to action for users to find and obtain estimates for home surveys.

The new design is responsive (mobile friendly) and incorporates the new widget search functionality already used on the company's partner sites. 

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New dedicated website for Europe Direct Eastleigh

europe-directThe Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) are an EU-wide network of EU information centres co-funded by the European Commission together with local partners. The local partner hosting and co-funding the Eastleigh EDIC is European Law Monitor in Eastleigh.  The EDICs are intended to form one of the primary sources of information for the public and business community on EU policies and legislation, and form part of a European Union strategy intending to close the information gap between the EU and its public.

One of the changes for the reorganisation of the EDICs for 2013 is the requirement for each EDIC to have a dedicated website to promoting the current communication priorities for the European Commission, with the main priority for 2013-14 being the promotion of the European Parliament elections in May 2014, for which the new website will have dedicated sections from October 2013.

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Compound Savings Club launched

Compound Savings ClubThe Compound Savings Club is a new membership based organisation that helps the owners and associates of professional practices such as dentists, opticians, vets, doctors and solicitors make savings in the day-to-day expenses incurred in the running of their practices, and then compound those savings; turning relatively modest short term cost savings into really significant savings in the long term.


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New website for AF Keating

AF KeatingWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Dr AF Keating, a dentist based in Gants Hill, Ilford.

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