Why you SHOULD upgrade your Joomla or Wordpress website NOW

Nobody likes spending money when they don't have to. But when it comes to modern CMS based websites like Joomla and Wordpress, 'have to' comes around periodically.

Both systems are now quite sophisticated pieces of software, and like all software, neither are flawless when it comes to security, and neither are the server operating systems upon which they rely.  Recent revelations in relation to long undiscovered/patched flaws in some older PHP versions exposed vulnerabilities in both Wordpress and Joomla, with both organisations recently releasing critical updates (J3.4.8 and WP 4.41).

Unfortunately this PHP flaw leaves any Joomla or Wordpress version prior to the latest release potentially vulnerable, so now is one of those periodical 'have to' moments. Updating Wordpress is usually a straightforward process, and if you haven't updated to the latest version, we strongly recommend you do as soon as you can.

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New Design and Upgrade for European Law Monitor Website

european law monitor 2016Recently launched is a new design for the European Law Monitor website.

A fourth generation site, the new site visual design is based on a design created for their Europe Direct Relay service.

The site is still based on Joomla, and the upgrade included a migration of some 3,300 articles from the old Joomla 1.5 site (itself an upgrade from J1.0).

All was relatively straightforward thanks to the excellent and highly recommended Migrate Me tool (http://extensions.joomla.org/extension/migrate-me)  


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New Look for DVisions Website

DVisionsAfter far too long adopting the 'do what we say, not do what we do' principle in relation to our own website, we have finally bitten the bullet and upgraded our website with a shiny new look.

Staying in are our special fishes; cleared out is a lot of old clutter that nobody looks at or uses, to be introduced shortly will be a new updated client support area.

As you might expect, the site remains running on Joomla, just upgraded from the now end-of-life J1.5 to J3.4 - just one of a recent series of upward migrations, now essential given recently discovered security issues with older Jooomla versions.

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New website for Bournemouth Avionics

Bournemouth AvionicsBournemouth Avionics are specialists in avionics, engineering and aircraft maintenance, providing a range of independent avionics, engineering, maintenance and support services, for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft from their base at Lee On Solent airfield in Hampshire.

Their new website is designed to showcase their services, with a change of domain to reflect their move onto Lee-on-Solent airfield, and their new engineering and aircraft storage facilities.

The new site also has an e-Commerce store for parts and equipment, which will be opening early in 2016.


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AZAB Launches the Moving Centre

The Moving CentreDVisions has just launched The Moving Centre for AZAB Ltd. The website has a front end built in the latest version of Joomla, and features various price comparison engines for home move services. These include the custom built core AZAB lead generation software also developed for their other sites, Local Building Surveyors and Local business Advisors.

The design shares the same corporate theme used for the Local Building Surveyors website.


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