Major changes to Google Search Console

As of January 2018 Google are rolling out significant changes to their Search Console, with a new 'Beta' product and interface.

The launch statement from Google states: 

"Search Console is introducing a redesigned product to help you manage your presence on Google Search. The new Search Console was rebuilt from the ground up to provide the tools and insights that site owners and SEOs have been asking for. You can now confirm which of your pages are indexed and get information on how to fix indexing errors. You can also monitor your performance on Google Search with 16 months of data (to enable year over year comparisons)."

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Google increases character count on meta description

After testing was observed during 2017, Google has rolled out a change to the display of the description snippet in organic search results, increasing the character count to 320.

This allows for much more information to be displayed about the page returned.

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Design refresh for RN Electronics

RN ElectronicsWe are please to announce the launch of a new look for the RN Electronics website. This is a fifth generation revamp of the site to align the website with a corporate rebranding that took place earlier in 2017.

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New Drive on SSL from Google

Since the beginning of October 2017, Google has increased pressure on website owners to adopt the secure https: web protocol with the latest updates to the Chrome browser.

Over the last couple of years, Google have been pushing the use of SSL to improve web security by favouring sites in search results that use SSL (https:) connections instead of the common non-secure http: connection.

The new Chrome update takes this a step further by warning any page containing a form (a contact form or any other type of interaction that requires user input) as insecure if the form is not sent over an https secure connection.

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New SEO Tools and Position Reporting System Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of SEO tools and improved position reporting system.

Ranging from ranking position reporting (our SEO Watch Service) to a full suite of reporting tools to help you manage your own SEO. With an integrated suite of tools powered by leading 3rd party providers including SEOMoz and Majestic, our new service is a highly cost effective way to manage your online presence:

  • Position reporting
  • Site technical audit tools
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Backlink analysis tools to help you manage your link-building activities
  • Social media 'Buzz' 
  • Checklists to help you manage your efforts

and more ...

To check out the new tool set, why not request a free audit of your own site? Simply click the link at the bottom of this page!. 

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