Website for The Sustainable Party launched

The Sustainable PartyThe Sustainable Party is a new political party that aims to change the energy supply model for the UK.

It is committed to achieving Net Zero  within 10 years by helping communities to establish Sustainable Community Funds in order to finance their transition to a low cost, resilient, renewable energy supply solution based upon existing, commercially-available technology.

Key to that is their 'Best Available Solution' model of locally managed renewable energy supply.

Their claim is that The Sustainable Party will address the economic growth, cost of living, energy supply & climate change challenges simultaneously without any additional public spending.

Unlike the two main party's approach, which is to propose policies that look green, whilst still remaining wedded to supporting 'Big Energy', or the Green Party that have eminently Green Policies, but also pursue other policies that stifle growth, investment, and ultimately individual wealth, the Sustainable Party policies are focused around a fully costed localised sustainable energy supply model that will achieve Net Zero without impacting on growth and that will reduce energy bills for businesses and households alike.

The party's website is intended to showcase the economic models behind it's policies with fully costed solution and explain the party's ethos and strategy. It is intended to be the key tool for membership recruitment, and provides a full suite of membership management and internal communication tools to allow activists to organise locally.

As well as creating the new website, we have been commissioned to establish a programme of e-PR and social media management.