Google to Sponsor Joomla from 1st October 2020

Google has recently announced it is to sponsor the Joomla CMS from October 2020.

Multi-award winning Joomla has long been our most favoured CMS for websites. We had already adopted its predecessor Mambo before Joomla forked away, and long before the young upstart Wordpress appeared on the scene :-). That's not to say we dislike Wordpress, and indeed use it for many sites, but Joomla has a number of 'designed in' advantages that make it faster and more robust than Wordpress. Designed as a 'framework' as much as a CMS, with its own built-in ACL (Access Control Level) system, it is an ideal solution for bigger websites that need a better way of organising and managing content.

With the Joomla 4 release getting ever closer, Google’s sponsorship of Joomla will provide additional resources to help the project to continue at the forefront of open source CMS development.

Shared goals

Amongst the shared goals defined by Google and the Joomla Project are:

  • To aim to encourage site owner success, improve user experience, and build a stronger, more secure web.
  • Google will provide content that covers the latest best practices, technologies, and tools that support these goals.
  • Content will be offered through a variety of mediums, like webinars, blog posts and case studies, to accommodate a range of engagement preferences and to gather broad community feedback.
  • Through the Open Source CMS Fund, Google also explores funding projects that work to improve performance tooling, privacy and security, and support new web platform capabilities.

As long time advocates of Joomla, we are pleased to see Google recognising the efforts that the Joomla community have put into creating a fast, powerful, stable, and secure CMS built for the future.