Wash and Brush Up for Bournemouth Avionics

After 4 years, the Bournemouth Avionics website was in need of a bit of a tidy up, and a bit of re-modelling, which has just been completed.

When originally conceived and built, the site was mainly focused on the 'services' aspect of the business: avionics sales, installation and service; aircraft engineering, maintenance, and storage. The then new online store selling avionics and accessories was secondary to these services.

But since launching, online sales have grown into a much more important aspect of the business, so it was time for the online shop to take a bit more of a leading role. This also gave a bit of an opportunity to tidy up some parts of the site that had suffered a little visually, as new products had been added.

The opportunity was also taken to streamline some of the store layouts and processes to simplify things from a user perspective.

A major advantage of the Joomla CMS is that all this was accomplished without the need for a completely new design, but just some restructuring and some judicious tweaking of elements, styles and menus.