Bing still chipping away at Google

Last June Bing announced that it had signed a 10 year advertising deal with long-time Google partner AOL, which came to fruition from the 1st January 2016 when Bing results and ads replaced Google on AOL search.

AOL might not be the power they used to be, but this is still a significant coup for Microsoft who have slowly but steadily been gaining market share in the search marketplace, recently passing the 20% mark in the US.

From our perspective, we have seen Bing UK paid search volumes steadily increasing over the last couple of years. With volumes close to 20% of Google's, comparable (sometimes even better) conversion rates, and significantly lower average cost-per-click rates, Bing Ads are now most definitely offering a viable complement to savvy Google advertisers looking to increase their coverage with a better ROI.

If you are a Google advertiser and haven't considered Bing Ads yet, take it from us, it's well worth serious consideration.