Facelift for Fotoflite

From time to time, as the web moves on, it's sometimes time to refresh a site. One of those we have recently given a "wash and brush up" to is Fotoflite - www.fotoflite.com

The site was originally designed at a time when a significant proportion of web users were still using monitors with 800x600 resolution screens (amazingly not that long ago!). Viewed on the current generation of screen, the old site was looking too small, and frankly a little bit dated in other areas.

The solution was a simple re-templating  job - to create new templates from the original design artwork to better fit the larger 1024x768+ standard screens current today. At the same time some simple refinements were made to give it a slightly more modern feel, and all without the need to make any major changes to the underlying system or database. Quite a relief, as this is quite probably the largest Joomla / Virtuemart implementation in the world, with over 400,000 product records!